Family / Next of kin

Looking after our visitors at Home4All also includes the involvement of family and caregivers. Their care is of paramount importance for visitors and of a different nature to that of the staff at Home4All. Our staff will have regular contact with visitors’ families to ensure communication is as optimal as possible. Even when next of kin is living overseas, we will make sure we have regular Zoom sessions to keep family up to date on what is going on.


Volunteers will also play an important role, supporting visitors and activities, so staff have more time to meet the individual needs of visitors. Individual personalities, lifestyles, philosophies, ethnicities and history are always taken into account. Overall the atmosphere our staff and volunteers look to create is one of loving attention and person-oriented support.
We believe visitors benefit from contact with volunteers as it stimulates them to develop contact with other people that have an understanding of their condition. Given the location of Home4All, our intention is to have the local residents and schools and businesses in the surrounding community, involved and understanding what we are trying to achieve.


Dementia is an irreversible progressive condition. It is therefore possible that a visitor may get little or no benefit from the activities offered by Home4all and may need to move into more permanent care. It is important for us to be clear about this with visitors and family – from the start. Of course, this requires good consultation with all those involved. Home4All can also help visitors and families find a facility that provides 24/7 care if it’s required.

A day at Home4All

We start at 10:00 with a coffee and a chat. After coffee we divide the chores. As much as possible, visitors decide what they want to do. People get to work with recognizable daily activities such as preparing food, taking care of animals and working in the vegetable garden. They will often go for a walk with the dog or go to the shops to buy in food. At noon we eat a hot meal together -prepared by a few visitors. After lunch there are more activities, depending on the season and the weather. The people are picked up or brought home around 16:00.

Target visitors

Target visitors are people who have an affinity with the outdoors and who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), or other types of Dementia.