Since last year we have been fundraising to buy a Duo Bike as an addition to Home4All. This type of tandem bike enables two people to sit side by side while cycling and experiencing the different weather elements, whether it is sunshine, rain or wind. One person steers and both can pedal, supported by electric pedal support.

The Duo Bike (pictured) is produced by Van Raam, in the Netherlands. Most of the Green Care Farms have one or two on their premises. They also have developed a trailer that connects to the Duo Bike, which enables four people to enjoy a ride on the bike. This type of bike and trailer has all sorts of nifty gadgets that make it particularly possible for everyone to enjoy the ride.
These types of bikes are expensive, especially with the electric pedal support. The funds for the Duo Bike have now been raised, yet we would love to continue raising funds to buy the trailer as well. If you would like to donate towards this project please check our “how we can help” page for the details.


Contact Jan Weststrate on 021 897 605 or email